Tartufo Bianco d'Alba Fresco

Since 1963 we have been selling and looking for fresh truffles exclusively coming from woods of Langhe and Monferrato

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The Truffle

3 sizes to meet any of your needs whilst ensuring the best quality.
The bigger the truffle the more prized it is.


To 20 grams
€ 1.90 / g


Size from 20 to 40 grams
€ 2.80 / g


Size from 40 grams
€ 3.40 / g

Diamond of our land, expression of the territory, the truffle has become a worldwide desired product, especially in its ”Alba White” version

Truffles belongs to the Tuberaceae family and it’s a delicate and refined balance between land, sky and nature. There is something alomost magic in the nature of his hunting: during the night man and dog, in a unique symbiosis, both smell, dig and look for truffles.

Fresh truffles can’t be found all the year round. They simply can’t be cultivated and this makes them so peculiar. It’s possible to find them only in autumn or in winter during or at the end of the harvest, as a reward for the people who love our territory and work in these lands

Express delivery

We ship your truffle in special packagings in 48 hours in order to preserve the freshness and genuinity of the product

Quality Control

We only sell handpicked truffles that undergo a careful quality process

Harvesting area

Truffle lands in Langhe and Monferrato

Guaranteed quality

This is how we select the truffle you will get

All the truffles we pick undergo a careful examination process involving 3 of our 5 senses


We evaluate the integrity of the truffle in order to preserve it as long as possible


The aroma of truffles is a mixture of simple sensations and has a wide range of different intensities together with an overwhelming essence. This unique and hypnotizing fragrance has determined indeed its aboslute culinary success.


It involves the analysis of the texture of truffles. It has to be firm and compact but not excessively elastic

About us

It all started in 1963

The origins of the Ronzano farm date back to 1940, under the Bricco Lù, in the Valcioccaro, a land that Renaro Ronzano has cultivated and respected

Since 1963, with the help of the son Giovanni, one of the most important exponents of the Magnatum Pico hunting and a worldwide icon of the Alba truffle, the farm started to appreciate our precious fruit, the Alba White Truffle.

Now the son Marco is carrying on the family tradition. Through a careful selection process he is also making sure that every year his customers, from all over the world, get the best quality ever.

Since 1963 we export all over the world and we guarantee the best truffle quality

Always present at the World Trade Fair of the White Truffle for 40 years and awarded by the most demanding judges in the world

Frequently Asked Questions

In 24 hours before the departure and this to ensure the best freshness and quality

We suggest you to eat it within seven days after the delivery for fully tasting it

in the fridge at 3/6, wrapped in blotting paper (which will be replaced every day) and closed in a glass container

The truffle has to be cleaned with a brush under the cold water in order to remove every lump of soil. After, dry it carefully and eat it after about ten minutes

yes, it has a slight weight loss of 3%

We suggest a minumun size of 6g/10g of truffle per plate. Anyway quantities depend on your flavours without a maximun limit per plate

Beef tartare, egg, tajatin with butter, ‘ravioli del plin’ dumplings, fonduta cheese maybe are the best example to enhance the overwhelming scent of truffles

When the dish is ready, slice the truffle raw (we suggest to use the truffle-specific slicer), with the thinnest possible blades, in order to balance the flavour.

They are Hypogeus mushrooms that live and grow in a symbiotic relationship with the surrounding underground plants

It is hunted by the truffle hunter ( trufulau) together with his dog (tabui) who has a refined sense of smell and is bred to recognize the aroma of this mushroom

The white truffle plants are: Oak, Turkey Oak, Cornish Oak, Pubescent Oak, Black Poplar, White Poplar, Carolina Poplar, Tremulo Poplar, Willow, White Willow, Lime, Black Hornbeam and Hazel.

All the orders are shipped from Monday to Thursday in order to ensure the best freshness of the product and the minimum delivery time. We suggest you to order by 12:00 so that we fulfill it it the same day

We don’t deliver on Friday as we risk your parcel getting stuck in logistic warehouses during the weekend. For this reason Friday, Saturday and Sunday orders are shipped on Monday.

  • Italy: the delivery takes place within 24/48h after the order confirmation
  • Abroad: The delivery to European Member States usually takes 48/72h after the order confirmation
  • The delivery to other states can last from 2 to 4 working days according to the destination

At the order departure you will receive an email with a link attached in order to track your shipment in real time

Deliveries take place in special packagings in order to mantain the genuinity and freshness of the product